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“These guys are the future of magic. Smart, sophisticated, FUNNY character-driven entertainment at its best.”

Malcolm and Atsushi sitting on sofa

“The show was terrific; absorbing, funny and of course bewildering, confounding, puzzling and therefore SOOO much fun! We’re still speculating about how you did those things!”

– B. Williams




One magician from the UK. Another from Japan. A comedian from Newfoundland.


It’s more than a show – it’s a full evening’s entertainment. You’ll get close-up and stage magic, comedy and an unforgettable atmosphere featuring either two or three top performers.  It’s a show of wit and character, mentalism, predictions and sleight-of-hand wonders.

This show works wonders in any venue and for any event and audience. Most commonly it features an hour of incredible, skilled close-up strolling magic during the cocktail period followed by an amazing and memorable full-length show after dinner.

And that’s not all!


Malcolm Russell and Atsushi Ono perform as a magical duo, performing acts of the impossible. To round out the evening, Not From Around Here usually features the comedy and charm of Barry Crane – ‘Da Newfie MC’. That’s right – three top entertainers keeping your guests engaged, interested and thoroughly entertained all evening!

The close-up magic and comedy portion of the night happens before dinner, and after you’ve eaten the three-man show begins! It opens with Barry Crane’s stand-up comedy, then the first half of the magic show. Barry then returns to the stage to perform a Newfie screech-in (turning a handful of your guests into honorary Newfoundlanders), after which Malcolm Russell and Atsushi Ono return with the astonishing second act of the magic show.

Where can we see the show?


Wherever you are! All three performers live in or near Calgary, Alberta, but they travel far and wide to perform for professional groups, conventions, awards nights, Chambers of Commerce, fundraising dinners and so on. We perform across Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, and further afield.


A night that is truly Not From Around Here!


Call now to find out how we can make your night one to remember!

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Malcolm Russell

Malcolm Russell

Malcolm Russell, from the UK, is the only magician in history to perform magic on every one of Scotland’s 106 inhabited islands. Why? To see if it could be done.

People remember him for his engaging style and quick wit as well as his mind-blowing talents as a magician. Malcolm keeps a busy schedule, performing at an astonishing range of events.

Atsushi Ono

Atsushi Ono

Atsushi Ono is one of Japan’s top young magicians. His superb sleight-of-hand skills earned him a two-year residency at one of Osaka’s top magic venues, since which he has been in demand at many highly-regarded events and conventions.

Japan’s loss is Canada’s gain as he now performs almost exclusively in the Great White North. Truly a magic force to be reckoned with.

Barry Crane

Barry Crane

Barry Crane – ‘Da Newfie MC’. What more is there to say? If you don’t know him, we hope you soon will! The life and soul of any gathering, his friendly down-home style and sense of humour is like having your favourite uncle drop by. He brings the best of Newfoundland to your door. Then he moves in, takes over the couch and keeps the kitchen party going til dawn.

Malcolm Russell and Atsushi Ono are also available for solo performances of both stand-up stage shows and close-up strolling magic.

Click below to visit each of their personal magic websites. Malcolm Russell magicianThe magic of Atsushi Ono




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